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Stake Out Your Space at Night with the DLG

GSR Technology ("Gimme Some Room") helps you put more room between you and traffic.

Photo: Chugrad McAndrews

Drivers respond when you make a loud statement for your safety. But you can't shout through the windows of every passing vehicle. You need a light that sends the message for you. The DLG, with GSR Technology, does that and much more.

GSR Technology relies on the lightweight, high-powered fluorescent lamp of the DLG.

Shockproofed and protected from the elements, this lamp throws a pool of bright colored light on the road up to five feet in all directions around your bike. It also angles up into the eyes of drivers, providing extremely effective side visibility.

From the rear, GSR technology makes you and your bike look 2-3 times wider than you really are. The colored light on the road around you communicates your safety zone to drivers.

To understand the benefits of GSR technology, picture yourself walking through a narrow hallway in a crowded subway station. You're trying to pick your way towards the exit, when you see two people walking towards you. One of them is six-foot body builder wearing a T-shirt that says "Property of Alcatraz Swim Team", and the other is scrawny graduate student. They're walking so close together that you will have to bump one of them to pass. Which one will you bump?

It works the same way on the roads at night. Around every bend, drivers are constantly perceiving possible hazards and adjusting their course to avoid those hazards. Potholes, dogs, pedestrians, other vehicles, cyclists, or a big fat dragonfly about to hit their windsheild. These are the data entering the eyes and brains. When a driver sees you with the DLG, they don't just see a cyclist, they see a BIG, WIDE, BRIGHT, OBJECT they don't want to hit. The DLG helps drivers register you early and shows them exactly where your space begins and their space ends. Even in situations where there wasn't much danger to begin with, it's nice to have a couple extra feet of breathing room.

Our customers already have experienced the benefits of GSR Technology.

"Simply put, I was more visable to traffic at 11pm than I am at 11am. These lights rock!" -- Josh Curd, Walled, Michigan.

"I have biked at night for years now, but feel unsafe now without
[the DLG] now....." Si from Alabama.

The Down Low Glow is the only bicycle light that features GSR Technology ("Gimme Some Room"). Purchase the DLG for your bike in by

selecting your favorite color in the Fossil Fool store.

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