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The Down Low Glow

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Contents of the Down Low Glow Dual Tube System

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Mounting Kit Rechargeable Battery Pack Battery Charger Shockproof Light Tubes

Rechargeable NiMH Battery

The Down Low Glow comes with a high-quality Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery.In the world of rechargeable batteries, NiMH is known for being very lightweight, environmentally friendly, capable of high drain applications, and free of the dreaded "memory effect". This worry-free battery will run your Down Low Glow 500-1000 of times. The power switch for your lights is integrated with the battery. Your lights will run 2.5 hours on a fully charged battery (or 4.5 hours for the single-tube systems.)


The battery is about the size of a cell phone. It weighs about three quarters of a pound.


A wide Velcro cinch strap secures the battery to your frame. The strap's D-ring allows you to use a pulley action to hold the battery to your bike frame. No water bottle mounts are needed!


If you're planning on going off road with your Down Low Glow, pick up one of our TwoFish BikeBlocks. The soft Kraton rubber block and integrated cinch strap provides extra isolation for your battery from trail vibration. You can also use the BikeBlock to secure a U-Lock, pump, or cell phone.


Most customers mount the battery on their seat tube, but other locations may work better on your bike.

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Battery Charger


When your battery runs out of juice (usually after 2.5 hours of bright glow), use the Down Low Glow's trickle charger to bring it back to a full charge. And, if you happen to lose your owner's manual, the instructions for charging are printed on the back of the charger.


The connector on the trickle charger matches the one on the battery pack. Turn the battery's power switch to ON, Leave the battery on the charger for 10-12 hours, and that's it. The battery will be slightly warm to the touch when it is fully charged. We spent months testing different trickle chargers before we found one that is both safe and effective. The Down Low Glow's charger is more gentle than other trickle chargers, so if you forget to remove it from the charger once in a while, the risk of damage to the battery is low.

We also sell smart chargers for $75. Bringing your Down Low Glow battery to a full charge in only 2-3 hours, our smart chargers are great for wintertime bike commuters who need their lights to be bright in both the early morning and at night. The indicator on the charger switches from red to green when your battery is fully charged.

-- Smart chargers are available for $75 in the Fossil Fool Store!

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Shockproof light tubes.

Our light tubes are superbright, super light, and imperveous to road shock! The chrome reflectors bounce all the light towards the road to maximize your visibility and create the "hovering" or "pillow" effect. The reflectors also minimize glare, allowing your night vision to fully function.

The exterior of the light tube is clear like glass, but is actually made of shatterproof thermoplastic. Because of this, the tubes are much lighter than they look. They're also safe for kids to use, because there is no broken glass in a crash.


We love chrome! The chrome ends of the light tubes complete their sleek look, and also create a waterproof seal. The electrical wires come through a sealed port on one end of the tube.

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Full Mounting Kit



No zip ties! The X-shaped plastic clip mounts to your frame with stretchy rubber straps. You can move the Down Low Glow from one bike to another without having to snip and toss out old zip ties.

The front light tube mounts on the down tube (between the handlebars and the pedals.)


The front light tube snaps in to the X-shaped clip. One clip in the center of the tube is all you need.


The rear light tube (included on all dual tube systems) mounts on the chainstay (between the rear hub and the pedals.) Most people mount it on the non-drive side of the bike (the side without the chain.)


Rubber "H" blocks and Velcro cinch straps create a non-slip mount for the rear light tube. The rear tube is narrower than the front tube, so your heel won't hit it while you pedal. They both put out the same amount of light.


A spare Velcro strap is included so you can route the wires neatly on a small bike. On larger bikes you may not need to use this strap.

Even small bikes like this 20" BMX have plenty of room for the Down Low Glow tubes. All together it takes about 2-5 minutes to get a bike ready to ride.

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