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Get your kids a bike light they'll remind themselves to use!

{bodkids bike safety lights: Down Low Glow
Photo: Chugrad McAndrews

Do you worry about your kids riding their bikes at night?

It's hard enough to get your kids to wear their helmets! Try getting them to remember to turn on their safety lights too! The fact is, when it comes to safety,

kids can be forgetful, and they want their bikes to be cool. So get your kids a light that they'll actually want to use, and you won't have to worry as much when they want to ride bikes after dark.

The Down Low Glow is one of the only safety products that your kids will want to use.

You are rightfully concerned about your kids safety in the neighborhood at night. But you also don't want them couped up in front of the Nintendo just because the sun has gone down. The evening is a great time for your kids to make friends in the neighborhood. You just want to be sure cars will see them. The Down Low Glow makes your kids extremely visible to cars. Its tubular light source doesn't shine in any one direction. It shines in all directions. And because it turns the ground blue (or green, or red), your kids will love it.

Kids as young as 8 can install the lights on their own bikes.

There are no tools required to install the Down Low Glow. Just Velcro cinch straps and stretchy rubber straps.

With a high quality rechargeable battery pack, you won't be running to the store for more batteries.

The Down Low Glow also comes with its own trickle charger. It's safe and easy to use. The Down Low Glow is a complete system that was designed to keep bicyclists cool and safe.

Kids love it, and they'll remember to turn it on, even when you're not there to remind them.

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