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The Down Low Glow

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Down Low Glow: Safety Lights for Recumbent Bicycles

Photo: Ross Evans

Above: Envy Green Down Low Glow bike lights on a Grasshopper short-wheelbase recumbent.

Meet our featured customers, Tim and Greg McClain, Cross-country recumbent riders.

Tim and Greg recently completed a cross-country tour in only 4 weeks on their recumbents. They used the Down Low Glow to stay safe around dawn and dusk.

Amp up your visibility to cars on your recumbent with the Down Low Glow bicycle lights.

If you're the kind of recumbent rider who enjoys commuting home in the short days of late Autumn and Winter, you'll love the Down Low Glow. And if you just want to have the coolest bike in your club's next moonlight parade, that's OK too.

The Down Low Glow is a shockproof neon light system made for recumbent bicycles and other bikes. Reviewed positively in

Velovision, and in Bike Rod and Kustom, the Down Low Glow is the first system offering such a bright tubular light source in a shockproof package. The safety benefit is awesome and the visual effect is surreal.

We realize that every recumbent (like its owner) is a little different from the norm. If you have questions about fitting the DLG on your recumbent, please feel free to . We'll let you know which of our Down Low Glow systems is best for your bike.

Check out some photos from other recumbent customers:


Options for Recumbent Customers:

The Down Low Glow was designed for traditional diamond frame bicycles, but will fit a wide variety of recumbents as well. If you'd like to purchase the DLG for your 'bent, please check out the pictures below, and include a note with your order indicating which of these matches your bike. If you are unsure of the fit on your recumbent, . We'll add some notes and email you back so you can see your options. Some of these options require a $10 modification of our product, to better fit the large-diameter tubes of recumbents.

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